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The University Copyright Advisor provides training for students and members of staff in academic schools and in professional services departments on how copyright affects teaching, learning, research and administration.

Training for Researchers


Workshops on ‘Copyright and Your Thesis’ are held three times a year and will help you to:

  • to know why it is important to think about copyright;
  • to know some basic facts of UK copyright and how it relates to your thesis;
  • to recognise the importance of complying with UK copyright law both in your thesis and other publications;
  • to know how to seek copyright permission;
  • to recognise the need to retain copyright when publishing.

The session supports the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) covering section C1.4. For course information, see Learn module LBA601,  or book here.

Online Tutorial:  

For 2016/17 a new online copyright tutorial has been developed specifically for Loughborough University researchers.  It can be accessed here.

Guidance Booklet:

For 2016/17 a comprehensive guidance booklet has been created on ‘Keeping your thesis legal’.  Access the electronic version here or pick up a print copy from Graduate House.


General Training

The Copyright Advisor provides ad hoc training for students and members of staff in schools and departments around the University. If you would like training on any aspect of copyright for students or members of staff in your school or department, please contact the University Copyright Advisor at or ring: 01509 222351.


Understanding other types of Intellectual Property

If you want to learn about other types of intellectual property (IP) such as patents, trademarks or design rights then take a look at the two free courses below created by the Intellectual Property Office.

IP Tutor is an interactive, CPD accredited e-learning tool aimed at students and lecturers and uses case studies to show why IP is important. It provides four tailored learning pathways, each adapted to suit the needs of different areas of study: creative; science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM); law, business and accounting; and humanities, including creative writing.

IP Equip provides free online bitesize training.


Guidance from other Universities

Copyright advice and guidance offered by other British Universities can be found here.

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