Open Access Policy

Members of academic staff are required by the University’s Open Access Policy to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper or book chapter that they publish into the Institutional Repository (IR) preferably using LUPIN.

Questions of copyright naturally arise when you wish to deposit a publication in the IR.  You will either need to own the copyright in the publication or obtain permission from the copyright holder/s in order to add the publication to the repository.  Often when a work is published, such as a journal article, the publisher will ask you to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement which assigns the copyright from you to them.  In some cases the publisher will allow you to retain copyright in your publication.  If however, you are obliged to assign your copyright to the publisher, they should grant you certain permissions or rights to allow you to deposit a version of your article in the IR. This is likely to be called  the ‘author-final’ or ‘accepted-for-publication’ version and will include any amendments from a peer-review process.  However, it will not include formatting changes made by the publisher such as the font or layout etc.  The version uploaded onto the IR will then be issued under a Creative Commons licence (see:

More information about submitting publications into the repository can be found on the Library’s webpages on LUPIN and the Institutional Repository.

If you have any queries about using the IR, please e-mail:;
or telephone: 01509 222338.

If you have any queries about using LUPIN, please e-mail:;
or telephone: 01509 228596.

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