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Loughborough University holds the Basic Education Establishment Licence from the NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency). This allows members of University staff and students to make copies of newspaper cuttings for teaching and learning purposes. 

The following is intended as a summary of what the NLA Licence allows and requires (the Licence itself is available at this link).  If this summary in any way differs from or contradicts the Licence, the Licence shall prevail. Please note that the university does not have additional cover for copying from UK, regional or foreign papers for internal PR or commercial activities.  Copying must only be carried out for teaching and learning purposes.

Members of University staff may do the following:

  • photocopy cuttings (these may be reports, articles, photographs, figures and advertisements);
  • distribute photocopied cuttings to other members of staff or to students;
  • include photocopied cuttings in course-packs or hand-outs;
  • make temporary digital versions of cuttings (i.e. scan them);
  • receive temporary digital cuttings from an external cuttings bureau or similar;
  • distribute temporary digital cuttings to other members of staff or to students by University e-mail or other University computer system (e.g. so that each recipient may print out a copy);
  • provide hyperlinks to other members of staff or to students which will direct them to temporary digital cuttings (e.g. so that each recipient may print out a copy);
  • include temporary digital cuttings in PowerPoint slides and display them to other members of staff or to students.

There are limits to what this Licence allows:

  • copies may only be made of cuttings from newspapers included on the NLA’s ‘UK & foreign newspapers’ list.  No digital copies may be made or received of cuttings from newspapers marked ‘ND’;
  • no photocopied cutting or digital cutting may be supplied except for work-related use (in the case of members of University staff) or for educational and instructional use (in the case of students);
  • no more than 250 photocopies may be made of any one cutting from any one issue of a newspaper;
  • any digital cutting supplied to students must be accompanied by the following notice: “NLA licensed copy.  No further copies may be made except under licence.”;
  • any student or member of staff may receive only one photocopied cutting for his/her own use;
  • any student or member of staff  who receives a digital cutting may print out only one copy of it for his/her own use;
  • any digital cutting must be deleted from all University computer systems (all servers, shared drives, e-mail accounts, Learn pages, other webpages etc.) within 28 days of its first being made or received from an external cuttings bureau or similar.

You must keep records of what you have copied and how many copies you have made. You should pass your records on to the Licence co-ordinator, Hannah Baldwin (Public Relations Office).

A simpler means of accessing newpspaper articles is to use the Nexis UK online database.  This has its own terms and conditions and you can use it entirely independently of the NLA Licence.  You need your ATHENS username and password in order to log in.

The University Library also has separate subscriptions to several online newspapers, including The Times, The Guardian and the Financial Times. These are available via Library Catalogue Plus.

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