CLA Licence Designated Persons list

What does a CLA Designated Person do?

The role of the CLA Co-ordinator is vitally important as they are the main point of contact within the department for the Copyright Team (Charlotte Greasley and Funmike Ifie).  The role includes making sure the latest CLA notices are displayed by the photocopiers and being able to direct staff to the Copyright Team if any copyright issues or concerns arise.  Our email is:

In previous years the CLA Co-ordinator would help to oversee and collect the details of all digital scans made over the course of the academic year.  These would be centrally reported on an annual basis to the CLA.  However, this element of the role is no longer required.  The Library is currently in the process of setting up a new system with the CLA which will remove the need for individual scans to be reported annually.  CLA Co-ordinators will no longer need to request this information from the academics in their departments.

If you are a CLA Co-ordinator and would like more help and advice then please email Charlotte and Funmike at for an informal chat.


Who is the CLA Designated Person in my Department or School?

Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Sue Rolland
Arts, English and Drama Deborah Burton
Business and Economics Sharon Bennett
Chemical Engineering Tom Carslake
Chemistry Christine Bagley
Civil and Building Engineering Caroline Neale
Computer Science Christine Bagley
Design Andrea Jenkins
Geography Mark Szegner
Library All members of Library staff
Materials Tom Carslake
Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics Education Centres Christine Bagley
Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering Julie Bouazza-Marouf
Physics Christine Bagley
Politics, History and International Relations Meg Shepherd
Social Sciences Marie Joyce
Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Natalie Pugh


For more information please contact the University’s Copyright Advisors:;    Tel: 01509 222351.

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