Publishing your academic work is an important activity.  However, it is likely that your publisher will require you to assign (or ‘transfer’) the copyright in your research to them by signing a ‘Copyright Transfer Agreement’ (CTA). 

When you sign a CTA, make sure that you are happy with its terms. In particular, you should make sure that you are granted the right to deposit a version of your work in the Institutional Repository (IR).   More information about submitting publications to the IR can be found on the Library’s webpages on LUPIN and the Institutional Repository or read the University’s Open Access Policy.   

If your research has been paid for (wholly or partly) or assisted in some way by a research council, a private company, another university or any other organization outside Loughborough University, then there may be some restriction on how that research may be published. For instance, if an Article Processing Charge (or APC) is paid on your behalf by an RCUK Research Council, then that article must be published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. It may also be that some outside organization owns the copyright in your research. You should check any relevant paperwork and websites connected with any organization that has supported your research before you seek to publish it.

For more information please contact the University Research Office:;

01509 222451.

Updated by C. Greasley 2nd February 2018

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