‘Performance, showing or playing of work in public’ is a ‘restricted act’ in law.  However, you can rely on Section 34 of the CDPA to play or show a work to an audience of students at an educational establishment .

You can show films or play recorded audio to students for the purpose of educational instruction without needing a licence from the copyright owner in lecture or seminar rooms.  

It may also be possible for you to play the work under an appropriate licence, such as the ERA Plus Licence, Box of Broadcasts or PRS/PPL Licence.

If you want to play a work in a way which is not covered by a legal exception or by the licences that the University holds, you can always get in touch with the copyright owner of the work and ask for permission directly.

For more information please contact the University’s Copyright Advisors:

Updated by C.Greasley 31st July 2020

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