Performance, showing or playing of work in public’ is a ‘restricted act’ in law.  However, performing a work to an audience of students at an educational establishment is allowed by law.

Recent changes to the law now mean that it is possible upload what has been performed, shown or recorded and placed onto Learn. This exception is allowed provided that the material placed in Learn is limited to ‘illustration for instruction’ and the copying is ‘fair’ (in that it does not negatively impact on the market for the original work).

The University also holds the PRS Licence for performing musical works for other purposes in certain venues around the Campus.

If you want to perform a work in a way which is not covered by legal exceptions or by the licences that the University holds, you can always get in touch with the copyright owner of the work and ask for permission directly.

For more information please contact the University’s Copyright Advisors:;

Updated by C.Greasley, 2nd February 2018.

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