Lecture capture & recording lectures

Information for Staff

Please refer to Loughborough University’s Lecture Capture Policy which discusses the recording of lectures and copyright related issues. For a more detailed explanation of copyright issues in relation to lecture capture please refer to this guide ‘Copyright Guidelines for ReVIEW Lecture Capture’ revised in September 2017Please note that if you wish to use third party copyright material within your lecture slides but are concerned about potential copyright infringement when being recorded, then just pause the recording when you are showing this content. The new ReView system does not include any paused or edited information in the final recording.  


Information for Students

Please refer to the latest Terms and Conditions of Study which outlines on page 9, section 2.13 the recording of educational activities. To summarise, student’s do not have the automatic right to record educational activities provided by the University. It states that “should you wish to make any kind of recording, you should seek the permission of the staff member leading the activity well in advance  and must respect his/her decision”.  In addition the University’s IT Acceptable Use Policy does not permit the unauthorised external release of recording educational activities.


For further information about copyright and lecture capture see:


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