Modifying Diagrams (artistic works)

This depends on your purpose and what will happen to the finished document. If you have recreated the original diagram and made changes to it, then in the eyes of the law these are still considered to be copies of the original, even though they are not direct reproductions. However, there is a legal exception that allows you to use material protected by copyright if it is for the purpose of examination (being marked, tested or examined for a qualification).  This exception will cover your document as long as it is being marked and will contribute towards your final degree mark in some way.  This exception will also cover a thesis for an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD qualification. The only type of material not covered by this exception is sheet music.  Any subsequent uses of the document, such as uploading the thesis onto the repository or using the diagram in a journal article, would not be covered by this exception and would infringe copyright.

For more information please contact the University Copyright Advisors:


Ring: 01509 222399 (Monday-Wednesday) or 01509 222351 (Wednesday-Friday)

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