Organising a Conference

If you are organising a conference there are some copyright things to consider:-

1. Firstly the author(s) of each paper will have a right to the copyright of their material. It is advisable that all authors sign a copyright transfer agreement so that the copyright is transferred from the author to the conference publisher. It is important to ensure that the copyright is actually owned by the author(s).

2. In some cases the copyright could be owned by an author’s employer if they have created the paper as part of their contracted duties.

  • In this instance the employer will need to sign the copyright transfer agreement
  • Or the author may have already published the paper and previously transferred the copyright to another publisher.  In this case you will need to seek permission from the original publisher to republish the work, but they will not want to transfer the copyright.

3. In the copyright transfer agreement you will want to give the authors certain rights so that they can reuse their material.  For example you will need to grant them the right to deposit copies of their paper in their institution’s repository; and you may want to add that they can use the papers in their teaching and disseminate to colleagues.

4. If the paper has been written by multiple authors, then they will all have to agree that the copyright can be transferred.  It is recommended that written agreement is sought from each author rather than nominating one author to sign on behalf of them all.

For more information please contact the University Copyright Advisors:


Ring: 01509 222399 (Monday-Wednesday) or 01509 222351 (Wednesday-Friday)

Updated by C. Greasley 7th December 2018

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