On this page are some Frequently Asked Questions about how copyright affects publishing, research and teaching. Other supplementary resources are also available:


I’ve just had a book chapter accepted for publication. Do I still own the copyright or has the copyright transferred to the editor or publisher?

I’m a Loughborough University PhD student and I would like to publish a book about my research. Are there any copyright restrictions? Surely the work is my own intellectual property?

I’m a member of a conference-committee and we would like to publish a book comprising a selection of the papers presented at the conference. Concerning copyright what issues do we need to be aware of?


Any images that I find on Google Images are copyright-free, aren’t they?

Do I need to get permission to add a diagram, image or figure to my thesis?

Do I have to keep copies of all correspondence?

If I modify or change a diagram, can I use it without breaking copyright?

I’m a PhD student and I have a lengthy quote which I need to include in my thesis. Are there any copyright implications?

I understand that all copyright protected images/diagrams/tables need to be removed from my electronic-thesis but I want to maintain my pagination etc. What is the best way of doing this?

What wording do I use to assert copyright in my own thesis?

I’m a researcher and would like advice on making my research data publically available.  I am unsure of the copyright and licence issues.  Of particular interest are CC-BY, CC-0 licences, and also ODC licences.


Can I link to web pages?

Any images that I find on Google Images are copyright-free, aren’t they?

As a member of staff, can I digitise material and add it to Learn?

How do I find out who owns the copyright in a particular work?

Can I scan a figure, diagram or image to include in a PowerPoint presentation or hand-out for inclusion on Learn?

If I have a visually impaired student in my group, can I copy a printed document?

For more information please contact the University Copyright Advisor:


Telephone: 01509 222399 (Monday-Wednesday) or 01509 222351 (Wednesday – Friday)

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