Worried about using Lecture Capture?

Information for Staff

A detailed explanation of copyright issues in relation to lecture capture has been produced in this guide ‘Copyright Guidelines for ReVIEW Lecture Capture ‘. revised September 2017.  Please note that if you wish to use third party copyright material within your lecture slides but are concerned about potential copyright infringement when being lecture captured, then just pause the recording when you are showing this content. The new ReView system does not include any paused or edited information in the final published recording.

There is also more information in Loughborough University’s Lecture Capture Policy which discusses the recording of lectures and copyright related issues..



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To Kill a Mockingbird – Copyright dispute resolved

To kill a mockingbird

Image by Lindsay Stanford, 2013. Shared under a CC BY 2.0 licence.

Harper Lee (87) the author of the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, has settled a lawsuit which she filed against her literary agent for allegedly tricking her into assigning over the copyright of her novel.  The copyright of the work had been placed in the safekeeping of Lee’s former literary agent, Eugene Winick, who had represented Lee since the 1960s.  After Winick became ill his affairs were managed by his son-in-law Samuel L. Pinkus.  Lee said she had no recollection of agreeing to relinquish her rights or signing over the copyright in a transfer agreement. The case has now been resolved and the defendant’s lawyer said that Lee’s royalties were never in danger. 

For further advice regarding copyright transfer agreements see the page on Publishing your work.

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Shop in India Sued for Copyright Infringement

A small shop located on a University campus in Dehli, India, has been sued for copyright infringement by three leading international publishers.  The shop has been photocopying academic textbooks and supplying the copies to students for a small charge. The students and some authors have protested saying the publishers are putting profit before education, however the publishers say they have no alternative but to pursue this course of action.

To view the full BBC news story please follow this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-20576409. 

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Publishers Association Fights to Stop Piracy

At the Publishers Association’s (PA) Annual General Meeting held on the 2nd May 2012, members were called to step up the fight against piracy.  The PA urged authors to pursue cases of copyright infringement or “theft” and to make consumers aware of the considerable work that is invested into creating a published book.   In 2011, the association spent £196,000 on anti-piracy measures over the course of the year.

With the increase of ebooks in today’s digital age, intellectual piracy threatens creative expression as never before.  Internet piracy is more often than not associated with music piracy but the PA have highlighted how piracy is now becoming an issue with books.

To read more about this please click on this link.


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