New guidance booklet for PhD students

Photograph of publication on Keeping you thesis legalIf you are a PhD student and would like to make sure your thesis is kept on the right side of copyright law, then take a look at Loughborough University’s new guide on ‘Keeping your thesis legal’ at this link.

It is packed full of useful information on how to reuse third party copyright material and advice on different types of materials such as figures, maps or photographs.

The Library also runs courses on Copyright and your Thesis specifically for PhD students. The next courses will be held at Loughborough campus on: 6th December 2016 between 9:30 – 11:00am and 2nd March 2017 between 2:00 – 3:30pm. More information can be found here.

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New online course for University Lecturers

Are you a new lecturer or would you like to understand more about copyright in relation to your teaching? Jisc has produced a useful, online copyright course full of videos, scenarios, animations and includes a quiz at the end.

‘Copyright Training for University Lecturers’ can be seen running here  if you want to try it before download it. Otherwise it can be downloaded from here –


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Intellectual Property Office launches new online training


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The Intellectual Property Office has launched a suite of online training modules on intellectual property including, copyright, trademarks, designs, patents and trademarks.

The modules are an ideal introduction for anyone wishing to learn the basics about intellectual property and the information is delivered in a fun and interesting way using illustrations and facts.

Have a look for yourself at this link:

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New Online Copyright Modules on Learn

A series of new online learning copyright modules have been developed specifically for Loughborough University staff, taught students and PhD students.  The new courses can be found on Learn, at module code LBA130.  They can be started and returned to at any time and completed at your own pace.

The courses aim to develop and build upon your basic knowledge of copyright, whilst allowing you to understand and avoid infringing activities. The courses also look at ways that you can protect your own material from infringement.  

Click here to access the module (you will need to sign into Learn):


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External Copyright Courses





 “The Copyright Bomb“, 2011 Ricardomaia/Cliparteles.


If you are interested in copyright and would like to learn more about it please refer to the list of external courses outlined below.  Please note that this list has been compiled to help you highlight the range of courses available but are not endorsed by the University.

The Association for Information Management (ASLIB) provides fee based workshops in the following:

The British Library provides free online copyright courses including:

JISC Digital Media provides fee based workshops in the following:

TFPL provides fee based workshops in the following:

UKeiG provides courses on copyright. To see their upcoming workshops please click here.

Subject Specific Courses:

Arts & Humanities Research Council provides a fee based online course in:


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