More re-usable pictures : British Library and Wellcome Trust


TENDENCY OF STUDENT LIFE, taken from: N.S. Shaler, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, London : Sampson, Low and Marston, 1894, p. 582. Image courtesy of the British Library. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

The British Library and the Wellcome Trust have recently digitized and made available thousands of Public Domain (copyright-expired) images to be downloaded and re-used by the public.

The British Library photostream on Flickr contains images mainly taken from books in the BL’s collections, covering a wide variety of subjects.  The records for the images include links to the catalogue-records of the books that they are from, and in some cases even to .pdf files of entire books.  Despite owning the copyright in the digitized versions of these images, the BL has made many of them available without formal licences.  However, the BL does request that the users of its Flickr images follow certain principles.

The Wellcome Images collection has mainly to do with the history and anthropology of medicine and the biological sciences (it includes a section on sports and exercise).  The images are available in different formats: most images have formats (often .jpg) that are freely available for re-use under a Creative Commons licence.

More guidance about finding re-usable images online is available here.

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