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Scanning things yourself within the terms of the CLA Licence is complicated and time-consuming.  But fear not, help is at hand.  The University Library can do this for you.  Just put the details of what you want scanning into the Reading List system and the Library will do all the rest.

Log onto the Reading Lists system (, and go to the module list that you want the scanning created for.  Click the ‘Add New’ button (top left – see Figure 1).


Figure 1.


Select the type of document you want scanning (see Figure 2).  According to the CLA Licence, this must be either a book chapter or a journal article (treat conference papers as book chapters).


Figure 2. Click on image for details.


For this example, we’ll select ‘Book Chapter’.  A form appears with fields for you to fill in.  If you complete the ISBN field first and press the ‘tab’ key, the system will automatically fill in several other fields for you (see Figure 3).  (For journal articles, you can do the same thing with the ISSN field.)


Figure 3. Click on image for details.


There will still be some empty fields left: the Chapter Title, Chapter Author, and Pages fields are the important ones.  You must fill these in accurately, so that members of staff at the Library know exactly what it is that you would like to be scanned (see Figure 4).


Figure 4. Click on image for details.


Go to ‘Academic Recommendations’ (near the bottom of the form) and tick the box next to ‘Include in e-reserve’.  Finally, click ‘Save’ (bottom left – see Figure 5).


Figure 5. Click on image for details.


A record for what you have requested will appear at the bottom of the Reading List (see Figure 6).


Figure 6. Click on image for details.

The Library will be notified the following morning, and a member of Library staff will get a PDF made up and put a hyperlink to it on the record on your Reading List.  You won’t need to do any checks or keep any records: the Library will do it all for you.

More information about using the Reading Lists system is available here:
If you would like help or advice about using the Reading Lists system, you should get in touch with the Academic Librarian for your School or Department (see:

If however, you prefer to scan printed materials yourself, then please contact the Copyright Advisors for guidance.

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