Loughborough University holds several collective licences which allow the reuse of different kinds of material. See the ‘Licences’ menu above for more information on the more important ones.

Licence Permitted acts Co-ordinator
BoB (Box of Broadcasts) playing off-air recordings of television programmes to the public Sarah Williamson
CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) copying printed books and journals Charlotte Greasley or Alison Ashmore
ERA Plus (Educational Recording Agency) playing off-air recordings of television programmes to the public Steve Corn
LM (Limited Manufacture Licence – MCPS) copying sound recordings of music Aaron Turlington Smith
MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) copying musical scores, lyrics and sound recordings of music  Aaron Turlington Smith
NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) copying newspaper cuttings Hannah Baldwin
PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) playing sound recordings of music to the public Aaron Turlington Smith
PRS (Performing Rights Society) performing music (scores and lyrics) to the public Aaron Turlington Smith
Open University Off-Air Recording Licence  see note below Steve Corn

The Open University no longer provides a separate licence for the use of its broadcasts: you may now reuse these according to the terms of the ERA Plus licence.

The Ordnance Survey (OS) no longer provides a licence for the use of its maps: they are now available through the Digimap database.

These licences do not cover the reuse of e-resources (e.g. databases, e-journals and e-books) to which the University subscribes. All of these e-resources have terms and conditions of their own. Use the link for more information about the University’s e-resources.

A spreadsheet of Electronic Resources Permissions is available on the University intranet for members of staff at the University Library to consult.

For more information please contact the University Copyright Advisor:;

01509 222351.

Updated by C Greasley, 16th November 2017.

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